Run-of-Network advertising is mass market targeting, ideal for any website owner looking for mass coverage. Our online media buyers take advantage of purchasing unsold banner ads on quality websites at huge discounts

Huge coverage, High discount and Great response

Benefits of Run-of-Network Banner Advertising

Run-of-Network advertising gives you the ability to purchase UK traffic at a fraction of the normal price. We use the latest ad buying technologies to purchase unsold banner inventory on your behalf. It is the most affordable way of gaining mass coverage.
Last minute banner inventory is made available to agencies like Clever Digital at incredibly low prices. Discounts of 98% or more are not uncommon and our experienced media buyers know all the tricks when it comes to leveraging the best deals around.
If your site is in need of a boost in traffic, look no further than a Run-of-Network campaign. From a strategic perspective, starting your targeting “broad” in the first month allows you to later hone-in on those websites which generate the most productive visitors for you.
Our ad system produces weekly reports during the running of your campaign so that you can measure its success on a regular basis. You can also speak with a Results Manager at any time and who will be able to suggest any fine-tuning which may be required.

2 Million banners

$ 999
  • 2 million Impressions
  • 28 Day Campaign
  • Leaderboard & MPU
  • Weekly Reporting

3.5 million banners

$ 1399
  • 3.5 million Impressions
  • 28 Day Campaign
  • Leaderboard & MPU
  • Weekly Reporting

6 million banners

$ 1799
  • 6 million Impressions
  • 28 Day Campaign
  • Leaderboard
  • Weekly Reporting

Examples of sites you can appear on

How it works

We’ll Design your FREE of Charge banner
One of our talented designers will create a draft to your specification, we’ll move to the next stage once we have ‘approval’

The Campaign goes live
The artwork is uploaded to the system and the campaign begin for a minimum for 28 days depending on how many impressions you book.

You’ll be set weekly reports
This allows to keep up to speed with how the campaign is running.

Our after-sales team will be in touch
We have a number of “Results Guru’s” who are dedicated to the success of your campaign. They will be in touch after the first week to let you know how it is going and with any suggestions for campaign improvements.

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