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Benefits of Keyword-Contextual Advertising

Keyword contextual targeting is the best way to target your customers online by hitting relevant web content. By choosing a list of specific keywords & phrases relevant to your target audience we are able to get your beautifully designed banner in front of the people who you want to engage with them. The number of keywords is limitless ranging from a dozen to a few hundred.

The platform we use enables us to identify the best web pages containing your keywords meaning your banners will be running in front of individual reading content relevant to your market. The benefit is that the reader is likely to be far more receptive to the message in front of them leading to a higher click-through rates. Research suggests that clicks are 2.7 times higher than standard rates.


$ 900
  • 110,000 Impressions
  • 28 Day Campaign
  • Leaderboard & MPU
  • Weekly Reporting


$ 1300
  • 175,000 Impressions
  • 28 Day Campaign
  • Leaderboard & MPU
  • Weekly Reporting


$ 1800
  • 250,000 Impressions
  • 28 Day Campaign
  • Leaderboard
  • Weekly Reporting

Examples of Keyword Contextual

Fantasy Football Stats

Chosen keywords

  • Fantasy Football
  • Fantasy football NFL
  • NFL Fantasy League
  • NFL Fantasy Football
  • Best Fantasy Football Leagues
  • NFL Rankings
  • NFL Rosters 2015
  • Player Picks NFL
  • NFL Draft
  • Fantasy Football Stats

Example Website

Takeaway Restaurant

Chosen keywords

  • Takeaway Food
  • Takeaway Delivery
  • Pizza Delivery
  • Fast Food
  • Takeaway Restaurant
  • Takeaway Food Delivery
  • Online Takeaway
  • Order Takeaway
  • Home Food Delivery
  • Order Food

Example Website

Travel Agent

Chosen keywords

  • Last Minute Vacation
  • Honeymoon
  • Holiday
  • Travel Deals
  • Family Vacation
  • European Vacation
  • Travel Packages
  • Go On Vacation
  • Weekend Getaway
  • Cruise

Example Website

How it works

Agree Keyword Content
We’ll place your web address into our keyword suggester tool and help decide the best keywords and phrases for your site.

We’ll Design your FREE of Charge banner
One of our talented designers will create a draft to your specification, we’ll move to the next stage once we have ‘approval’

The campaign goes live
The artwork is uploaded to the system and the campaign begin for a minimum for 28 days depending on how many impressions you book.

You’ll be sent weekly reports
This allows to keep up to speed with how the campaign is running.

Our after-sales team will be in touch
We have a number of “Results Gurus” who are dedicated to the success of your campaign. They will be in touch after the first week to let you know how it is going and with any suggestions for campaign improvements.

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