Meet the Team

Clever Digital is an advertising agency which is proud of its independence and the impartial advice it offers clients. We are free of commercial ties to any businesses which could influence the guidance and assistance we provide our customers. We are dedicated to providing a first-rate client experience. Emphasis is placed on building relationships and gaining a thorough understanding of each and every client’s business and their marketing aims.

  • Alexandra Holman
    Alexandra Holman Ad Operation Assistant
  • Brad Johnson
    Brad Johnson SEO Consultant
  • Brady Grange
    Brady Grange Office Intern
  • Bruce Campbell
    Bruce Campbell Graphic Designer
  • Chad Mackintosh
    Chad Mackintosh Web Designer
  • Cindy Franco
    Cindy Franco Results Manager
  • Dianne Brewer
    Dianne Brewer Designer
  • Faith White
    Faith White Online Advertising Consultant
  • Harvey Jenkins
    Harvey Jenkins President
  • Jaime Song
    Jaime Song Creative Director
  • Jas Singh
    Jas Singh Online Advertising Consultant
  • John Daniels
    John Daniels VP of Advertising
  • Judith Lilly
    Judith Lilly Admin support
  • Karen McCoy
    Karen McCoy Account Executive
  • Kathy Kennedy
    Kathy Kennedy Ad Operations Executive
  • Lisa Durr
    Lisa Durr Credit Control Manager
  • Mark Wheat
    Mark Wheat Online Advertising Consultant
  • Matthew Demeo
    Matthew Demeo Results Specialist
  • Michelle Crafton
    Michelle Crafton PA
  • Nicole Ruby
    Nicole Ruby Online Advertising Consultant
  • Nigel Stephens
    Nigel Stephens Online Advertising Consultant
  • Paul Winrow
    Paul Winrow Senior SEO Consultant
  • Rodriguez Rigby
    Rodriguez Rigby Content Writer
  • Rosette Price
    Rosette Price Internet Marketing Specialist
  • Shelly Evans
    Shelly Evans PPC Manager
  • Steve Swanson
    Steve Swanson Financial Controller
  • Susan Tilley
    Susan Tilley Advertising Consultant
  • Tanya Verma
    Tanya Verma Marketing Support Exceutive
  • Tim Farr
    Tim Farr Results Manager
  • Todd Trundell
    Todd Trundell HR Manager